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uniBank Ghana first to issue bank statements on mobile phones

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uniBank Ghana Ltd., has become the first bank in Ghana to offer extensive banking statements via the mobile, according to Temenos Group AG, a Geneva-based banking software company.

Temenos says in a statement that it has provided the software known as ARC Mobile, a multi-mobile channel solution, to uniBank, and with it, the can send bank statements to its customers. Customers it says, can view a minimum of ten transactions while non-customers can view a minimum of five transactions on a statement.

According to Temenos uniBank can now centralise access to mobile operators and directly interface with their mobile money schemes to offer mobile top-up services direct from a handset.

In particular it has been possible to interface with PayStore, a new service for customers which will simplify the top up process for the mobile operator and generate transaction income for the bank and other merchants, it adds.

With this technology, uniBank now has one system interfaced with T24 (its current core platform) and with its high level of flexibility and breadth of channel functionality the bank can support over 80% of all handsets, compared with only half that on the previous platforms.

Also, uniBank is now able to offer 32 different types of SMS alerts, compared to just four previously, the software provider indicates.

Temenos launched the ARC Mobile in May 2010 and even though 12 banks have selected the application since the launch, uniBank is the first bank to go-live.

Mr. Edward Randolph-Koranteng, Head, Electronic/Multi-Channels and Transaction Banking, was quoted as saying, “ARC Mobile is a key differentiator for us, enabling us to move beyond simple SMS based banking to be the first in Ghana to offer more sophisticated mobile channel services such as m-commerce. We can now enhance our SMS services and deliver alerts for various types of debits and credits, together with other notification messages.”

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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