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CPP youth group supports Samia for party’s chairmanship position

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Samia Nkrumah

A youth group of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) on Thursday threw its weight behind the candidacy of Samia Nkrumah for the position of the party’s chairperson.

A statement signed by Mr Kwabena Adjei, Coordinator of the Sankofa Convention People’s Youth Movement, said they believed that Samia’s desire to become the CPP’s chairperson “will help the drive to unite all the Nkrumaist parties”.

It said the victory of Samia, the sole CPP member in the 230-member Parliament, would present the Party with “a good platform to canvass for votes and also ensure a more united Nkrumaist front.”

“Some form of alliance or unity between the Nkrumait parties, especially between the CPP and PNC (People’s National Convention), is necessary if the Nkrumaist tradition is to remain relevant to the country’s politics.

“While unity alone will not win the CPP the election in 2012, it will make Nkrumaists ready to take over the mantle of government in 2016.”

The CPP youth group said many people in the country, especially the youth, saw Samia as a politician who could transform Ghana.

It said Samia, MP for Jomoro, was seen by the Ghanaian people, especially the youth, as the anointed successor of her father,

Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nrumah, and in effect the presidency.

“She is CPP’s ‘Second chance,’” it said.

The group noted that Samia had identified lack of unity, transparency, honesty and sincerity on the part of the old and current CPP leadership as the major stumbling block affecting the party.

Referring to the abysmal performance of the party in the last three general elections, she said this was due to ”the fragmented nature of the party” adding that what was needed for the party to win power was unity.

It urged delegates to also re-elect the National Organiser, Evelyn Lamisi Anabila and the Women’s Organiser Hajia Hamdatu to enable them to rally behind Samia with their experience.

Source: GNA

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  1. CPP needs a competent team in national and regional structure for effective leadership. CPP is a revolutionary party and leadership must command vision and mission for cohesive plan of action.
    Politics is not a perfect science; CPP needs community action programs right now to impact lives of potential voters. Empty political promises are failed actions to combat injustice. Finally, a dysfunctional party lacks capacity to lead and fulfill national destiny.

  2. Hi, my brother i couldn’t agree with you more. What Ghana needs right now is a leader who can inspire Nationalism combined with the Fear of God in the youth, this is a baisic ingridient required by any Nation who intends to rise above thier challenges. Ghana can learn a lot from the Isreal. The Fear of God and being Nationalistic is great Gain.And can never fail.