Doctor calls for measures to improve sanitation in Ghana

Professor Ramón Romero Swarez, a member of the Cuban Medical Brigade has called on government to draw strategies that would help promote good hygiene habits among the citizenry.

He said poor sanitation and indiscriminate disposal of waste had effect on potable water, adding that only one out of every four people in the country has access to clean water.

Prof Swarez made the call during the 12th scientific workshop in Bolgatanga where he spoke on “risks associated to the consumption of contaminated water, its influence in the digestive system”.

He said the 2010 out patients records in the Upper East Region revealed that 3,427 patients in Zebilla District Hospital were diagnosed with typhoid while 2,117 patients suffered diarrhoea.

In Bongo the cases of typhoid were 639 whilst 633 patients were treated with diarrhoea.

In the Kassena-Nankana District typhoid cases recorded were 51 and 151 diarrhoea cases while Bawku had 495 cases of typhoid.

He said clean water and safe disposal of faecal waste was answer to reducing the spread of water borne diseases and gastrointestinal problems.

Source: GNA

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