Two policemen shot and injured in a riot at Akwamufie

Two Policemen were shot and injured by a group of people who went on rioting in a chieftaincy conflict at Akwamufie in the Eastern Region on Friday, March 25, 2011.

A statement issued in Accra by the Acting Director of Public Affairs, Cephas Arthur said the rioters, opposed to the installation of a chief at Akwamufie embarked on a demonstration without notifying the Police.

It said upon information about the demonstration, Akosombo District Police mobilised personnel to quell the unlawful act and protect lives and property.

The statement said after having successfully dispersed the crowd, which had gathered at the forecourt of the chief’s place threatening mayhem, the Police heard that some of them had erected a blockage on the road leading to Akosombo.

The Police quickly dashed to the place to remove the blockage, and in the process the irate demonstrators shot at the Police, fatally wounding two of them.

“Rather than returning fire, which would have resulted in mayhem, as the crowd was thick, the Police deployed a more professional approach to control the situation, “it added.

Eventually, six private security men from a security company in Accra, who were allegedly hired by the aggrieved party, were arrested, and so far 20 people suspected to be connected to the disturbances have been arrested for prosecution on Monday.

Currently, the two Policemen are on admission receiving treatment, while calm has returned to Akwamufie, where security has been beefed-up with reinforcement from Accra.

Source: GNA

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  1. DAN OPOKU says

    I am an indigene of Akwamu and have been following the chietaincy conflict in Akwamu very closely. I n fact I was a secretary to the “Akwamu Opinion Leaders Furum” committee that was mandated by a group of eminent citicens from Akwamu to determine the state of the conflict, make broad consultations with the parties and stakeholders involved in the conflict and find how best to resolve the conflict.
    At the time of installation of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto 111, some forty days ago, all the principal and divisional chiefs of Akwamu including those who were hitherto opponents of Nana Afrakoma, the Queenmother of Akwamu had given their full support and blessings to the installation of the new chief.
    I therefore find it difficult to understand and see it as a useless venture for a group of disgruntled youth led by Nana Okomahene who is not a principal chief of Akwamu to threaten mayhem in Akwamufie.
    It is rather sad and unfortunate that two policemen were wounded, one of whom I told has lost his life.
    I wil urge the security authorities to deal decisively and ruthlessly with all those arrested and found to have masterminded that dastardly act.

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