Police warns vehicle owners to be vigilant

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command on Monday advised the public to be security conscious at all times and report any suspicious character to the Police.

A statement issued in Accra said all vehicle owners should know their chassis numbers “because more often than not, when vehicles are snatched, the original number plates were quickly replaced with fake ones”.

However, the chassis number would help the Police retrieve the snatched vehicle.

It advised vehicle owners to engrave the registration numbers on the windscreen, the lights and at any other identifiable place of the vehicle for easy identification and recovery by the Police.

The statement said some spare drivers were criminals or were in league with criminals and would intentionally give away their vehicles to these criminals and return to report that the vehicles had been snatched from them.

It asked taxi drivers to desist from driving to outlandish areas in the night and be careful when picking two or more young men who offer fantastic fares because it could be bait.

“When a passenger asks a driver to stop at a particular spot either to urinate or pick a friend, it is advisable not to stop because that place could be where his accomplices are waiting to snatch the vehicle”, it added.

The statement asked drivers suspicious of passengers to drive straight to the nearest Police Snap Check Point, Police Station or a public place for help.

Source: GNA

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