FDB suspends operation of Nakmad sachet water

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has suspended the operations of Nakmad Enterprise, producer of Nakdad filtered drinking water at Pakoso in Kumasi, for producing and offering sachet water for sale in unhygienic conditions.

It said in a statement signed by Dr Stephen Opuni , Chief Executive, that 150 bags of the sachet water were destroyed on site under the supervision of officials of the FDB.

“The general public is advised not to patronise Nakmad filtered drinking water since the FDB cannot guarantee its safety and quality.”

It cautioned wholesalers and retailers to immediately remove the water from display.

The statement said the registration of Nakmad filtered drinking water had also been revoked.

FDB appealed to the general public to report to it any person who may be clandestinely operating sachet water plants or operating under unsanitary conditions on telephone numbers 0244-337235; 0244-337243; 0244-337251 and 0244-339633.

Source: GNA

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