Discourage the importation of second-hand vehicles – Alhaji Banda

Alhaji Asoma Abu Banda, a member of the Council of State, on Thursday recommended the discouraging of importation of second-hand vehicles.

He appealed to the banks to help provide facilities that could help people finance the purchase of new vehicles.

Alhaji Banda said discouraging importation of second-hand vehicles would help protect the environment, reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by those old engines and also reduced the number of accidents on the roads.

The Council of State member was delivering an address at a Transport Sector Review Conference in Koforidua

The two-day conference is being held under the theme “Enhancing the Performance of the Transport Sector for Trade and Regional Integration”.

The conference was aimed at reviewing the performance of the Transport Sector, specifically to the target set by government, taking into account the sector’s medium term development programme.

Alhaji Banda enumerated areas that could be improved upon in order to enhance the Transport Sector so that it would play its role in the development of trade within the sub-region and on global basis.

These, he said, included encouraging private sector participation in infrastructure such as development of toll roads to increase road capacity and traffic to create a free flow for freight and passengers.

“The private sector management of the roads may improve the enforcement of axle load restrictions ensuring legal requirements and international standards are met”.

Others are the creation of rest stops along these free-flow corridors, a secure and clean environment for vehicles to park protecting cargo and reducing the informal check points.

Alhaji Banda also suggested encouraging of private sector participation for superstructure and infrastructure development in main ports, citing a good example in Ghana as the development of the container terminal, Meridian Port Services, which handles containers in Tema.

He further suggested the development of Inland Container or cargo terminals which could help to reduce congestion in main ports and give greater access to the end users of the goods.

Alhaji Banda called for an improved air sector to help generate employment and boost tourism amongst others.

Dr Kwasi Akyem Apea-Kubi, the Eastern Regional Minister, said for any nation to experience steady growth and development, the need for good road infrastructure was important especially in Ghana where the majority of the citizens live in rural areas with agriculture as the main source of livelihood.

Source: GNA

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  1. Busha mT says

    Banks stands to loose out if they continue to have high cost of borrowing. This trend of use car importation will continue, lenders should re-examine this process. Use vehicle purchases will still be there because is still being done in the world but pollution will be reduce.

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