Envoy blames West for Libyan uprising

Libyan Ambassador to Ghana, Dr Ali Ghadban on Friday blamed the foreign media and the West for exacerbating the current unrest in Libya saying those fighting are foreigners.

He said, “All the Libyan people love and support Gaddafi” and the political whirlwind that was ferociously blowing across the Northern part of the African continent and the Arab world had been viewed as revolution by people asserting their right.

Dr Ghadban said this was not the case and that the people of Libya were content and had no problem whatsoever and blamed the western media of peddling untruth to give Muammar Gaddafi a bad name.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, he said machinations of the West would not succeed and wondered why the 52 African States did not have the media to project their own perspective and promoted their own interests both national and international.

“I am very sad about this situation we find ourselves as a people where outsiders would be telling our own story from their perspective.

The West has once again deployed their media propaganda weapons against Africa and Libya in particular, “he added.

Dr Ghadban said the records of causalities had been fabricated and noted that for every news bulletin a story was told about wholesale murder by nationalist forces as if the leader of the revolution was a sort of macabre person whose desire was to kill his own compatriots.

The Libyan Ambassador noted that the West was not a neutral arbitrator in the Libyan situation because they had clearly taken their position and therefore could not be fair in anything they did regarding the political conflagration in the eastern part of Libya.

He was of the view that those who thwarted the genuine efforts of Dr Kwame Nkrumah were at it again but this time they would fail miserably to effect change.

“Seeing Africa united is what the West cannot accept simply because African unity would automatically stop the process of resource brain drain both natural and human. The Western world which depends on Africa to feed its industrial machines would have to act either by covert or overt means to prevent the realisation of the dream of Dr Nkrumah. Brother Gaddafi is being targeted because he is on the same track with Dr Nkrumah.

“Libya is rich. We have all social and economic amenities for free; a system that never existed in the West. From crèche to university, medicare, accommodation, water and electricity are virtually free for all citizens of Libya,’ he said.

Dr Ghadban noted that the crisis in Libya, had nothing to do with democracy or human rights as was being portrayed by the West adding that it was essentially an ethnic separatist and an Al Qaeda organisation to destabilise the country.

He said the people of Libya are not afraid to fight in the defence of the revolution he said and added that “We are on this occasion calling for Africans to speak out in support of their kith and kin and most importantly to defend the sovereignty of the continent.”

Source: GNA

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