Farmers advised against illegal sale of government lands

The Akuapem North District Co-ordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr Victor Doku, on Thursday urged farmers to impress on their relations against illegal purchase of the Kwamoso State Farm Lands for building purposes.

He said nobody had the right to arrogate upon himself to sell state lands without the necessary authorization as was happening at Kwamoso.

Mr Doku warned that no matter how long it would take, at the appropriate time, the state would take action against both those who were illegally acquiring the land and those who sold them.

He was speaking at a meeting with members of Disaster Volunteer Groups (DVG), engaged in farming at the Kwamoso State Farm at Kwamoso.

Currently, some group of people were offering the state farm lands at Kwamoso for sale as building plots and in some cases harassing DVGs working on the land to force them to leave to enable them to sell the land.

Mr Doku called on all DVGs in the area to unite to enable his organization to provide them with the needed support to help improve upon their productivity and their standard of living.

He called for the revival of the monthly meetings of the DVGs with officials of NADMO in the district to help resolve some of the challenges facing DVGs farming on the State Farm Lands.

Source: GNA

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