Diversion of water courses, cause of flooding – Dr Kumbour

Dr Benjamin Kumbour, Minister of the Interior, on Thursday appealed to property owners who have diverted water courses to cooperate with the authorities to rectify the situation.

He pointed out that the perennial flooding in Accra Metropolis caused by the artificial way of manoeuvring, covering and diverting water courses should be stopped.

Dr Kumbour made the appeal when the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) and other Technical Committee of the National Platform of Disaster Risk Reduction inspected some areas affected by last Monday’s rains to access the impact of damage.

Available records indicate that about 300 families have been affected so far.

Some of the areas affected include Madina, Adenta, Riss Junction, Reddco Down and Dome.

The delegation distributed relief items including mattresses and blankets to some of the flood victims.

“It is striking to see that some people have built on bridges and others have covered drains passing through their houses, this act is unacceptable”, he said.

“Sometimes the negligent dumping of recycled polythene waste combined with other waste into waterways block and choke the free flow of water whenever it rains brings a lot of trauma to affected people”, he stressed.

Dr Kumbour said such attitudes and behaviour that drive communities into such hardships anytime it rained cannot be contained any longer.

He urged the public to alert the authorities of developers’ who built on waterways.

Reverend Amoh Darko, Chairman of National Platform of Disaster Risk Reduction, said: “I am very worried about how people are hurriedly building on waterways at a fast pace, we should be disciplined in the building regulations.”

He said the situation was so serious that people should put their political affiliations aside to enable the country move ahead.

Mr Kofi Porturphy, NADMO National Coordinator said: “I would recommend that NADMO should be given the needed support to undertake some proactive work to clear the waterways. Only a few people are creating the problem.”

He said: “We seem to go through the same ritual anytime it rains because illegal structures and building activities are causing discomfort to other people.”

Source: GNA

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