CPP wants more seats in parliament

The Youth Wing of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has identified strong parliamentary participation and representation as a tool to wrest power from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, in the 2012 general election.

The youth has therefore called on members of the CPP to contest for parliamentary seats, to increase its representation in the legislature.

Mr Francis Opai Tetteh, Deputy National Youth Organiser of the party disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra, at the end of a candlelight vigil, organised to commemorate the overthrow of the Government of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah on February 24, 1966.

The vigil, was to rekindle the “purposeful organizational spirit of the CPP,” and also, to strengthen the structures of the party towards the attainment of its objective of winning political power in 2012.

Mr Tetteh said the party’s one seat slot in parliament was an indictment to CPP’s political ambitions and capabilities and called on the rank and file of the party to “visit their constituencies to contest, in order to give the party a facelift”.

He said Ghanaians had ‘tasted’ and distinguished the ‘political flavour’ of both the NDC and the New Patriotic Party and had concluded that they were the same.

“CPP is the alternative to restore Ghana to its rightful place on the map.”

Mr Tetteh said the vigil was to remind the elders in the party to make a strong petition to the ruling government to restore confiscated buildings and property belonging to the CPP.

According to him, the current Ministry of Information building, which served as the headquarters of the CPP, was built by the party’s members of parliament, who contributed 10 per cent of their salaries towards the building.

The vigil, which was heavily patronized by the youth of the party, also saw the leadership as well as the rank and file of the party in attendance.

Also in attendance was Ms Eva Lokko, former Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Mr Ekow Duncan, shadow Minister for Political Affairs and Dr Edmund Dele, a former chairman of the party.

Source: GNA

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  1. Guy Mmoasem says

    CPP Youth must be credited with initiative to secure CPP assets illegally expropriated in the name of State of Ghana by irresponsible band of reactionary military adventurists in 1966. The continued suppression of CPP via historic crimes of 1966 ,now 45years old, is both JUSTICE DELAYED AND DENIED!! NDC regime under Pres. Attah Mills must correct this injustice as soon as practicale.

    I have a seroius strategic problem with the vigil staged by CPP executive to steer original strategic locations demonstrations by CPP Youth for nationwide impact. CPP Youth network in all regional capitals were to present petitions to Regional Administrators for on-
    ward transmission to Pres.Mills. This docile vigil show the spineless
    nature of CPP dysfunctional leadership. CPP lacks the capacity to mobilize for political action to win its own struggles particularly the 45year old assets seizure worth a $Billion .

    The fact that previous Ghanaian governments have knowingly participated in the suppression of CPP via illegal assets seizure makes compesatory damages award crucial as reparations to CPP.
    The failure of NDC/Mills to reach a satisfactory settlement with CPP
    points to willful consent plus criminal assessory in historical crime.

    CPP Youth chose a path of least resistance to face neo-colonialism in Ghana. To stage a vigil as plan of action against neo-colonialist oppression is not only funny but an act of reactionary RETREAT. The
    future of the political struggle in Ghana for triumph of Nkrumaism is by the REVOLUTIONARY PATH. CPP Youth must discover their mission and consciously fulfill it. Reject “Skirt and Blouse” clowns’
    in CPP ranks. Forward ever!!

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