PNC leadership rages as IMC “dissolves” NEC

As the power struggle in the People’s National Convention (PNC) continues, the Interim Management Committee (IMC) announced on Tuesday that the National Executive Committee (NEC) has been “dissolved”.

It said all correspondence and other related matters to the party should therefore be addressed to the IMC whose chairman is Mr Basili Wasai.

A statement issued in Accra said the decision was taken at a meeting held on February 12 by the IMC, regional chairmen and other officials “to discuss matters concerning the party”.

The statement said the meeting resolved that there should be early congress this year.

Constituency elections in all 230 constituencies nationwide should be held between March 30 and April 15, whiles Regional party conferences should be held between April 30 and May 15. The National Party Conference to elect national officers would be held in Sunyani on June 25, the statement added.

“The Interim Management Committee and the regional chairmen will like to inform all members of the Party that no member will be allowed to vote in any of the constituency, regional or national delegates’ conferences without proof of the fact that he or she is a registered and card holding member of the party in good standing as required by the party’s constitution,” the statement said.

The PNC has been split between the IMC led by Mr Wasai and the NEC led by Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan.

Source: GNA

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