Growing public fears in UK over spending cuts

Nearly two out of three voters believe the Government’s spending cuts are unfair, according to a new opinion poll.

The ComRes poll found 63% thought the impact would be felt more by poorer households than the better off, while 57% thought the Government was cutting too far and too fast.

Almost 69% thought that they would be worse off personally as a result of the coalition’s measures, compared to 66% in the last survey.

The findings come as shadow chancellor Ed Balls has accused David Cameron of taking Britain back to the era of “nasty confrontation” which marked Margaret Thatcher’s years as prime minister.

Mr Balls said in a TV interview that the Government was playing a “dangerous game” with its programme of spending cuts, mounting what he described as a “real assault” on public services.

He said that the coalition’s leadership – Mr Cameron, Chancellor George Osborne, and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – were out of touch with the realities of life facing ordinary voters.

“People remember the 1980s – deep cuts, trouble in the streets and Margaret Thatcher goading confrontation, blaming local councils.”

“David Cameron is taking us back to those days. I think he is making a really, really unwise choice here,” he added.

Mr Balls comments follow remarks made yesterday by Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke who warned the middles classes did not yet fully understand what was about to hit them.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Clarke described the current economic situation as “calamitous” and warned that there would be no “quick rebound”.

Overall, the poll puts Labour on 42%, up two points since January and six points ahead of the Conservatives who are unchanged on 36%.

The Liberal Democrats are up one on 11%.
Source: Sky News

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