Police say faceless individuals are behind the foot soldiers

Deputy Commissioner of Police Roy Amuni, the Northern Regional Police Commander, said on Monday that there were some faceless individuals behind the constant “foot soldiers” demands and actions including towing auctioned vehicles from government departments.

He warned the “foot soldiers” and their patrons to desist from their acts and said “when we get them, they will face the music,” describing their act as criminal and must not be entertained.

Mr Amuni told the GNA in an interview that the police had drawn up strategies in getting the “foot soldiers” arrested, adding that the police always got to the scene of crime late with the perpetrators bolting away.

“The ‘foot soldiers’ are behaving like spoilt children who do not realize the harm they are causing to themselves…they are being push and when we get hold of them, we will know who are behind them”, he said.

Mr Amuni said the police initially suspected “Azoka’s group” to be behind the foot soldiers activities in the region but this turned out to be false after investigations.

He advised the “foot soldiers” to use appropriate means of acquiring the vehicles if indeed they were interested in them adding “it is surprising that the foot soldiers may not even be able to buy the vehicles when given the chance.”

“Everybody is fed-up with the escapist of the ‘foot soldiers’ and when they mean to battle with the police, then it will be a disaster for them”, Mr Amuni said adding that the threat of the “foot soldiers” to the police that the police cannot do anything to them were empty ones.

He said the police were constrained in arresting them because the police do not know them and appealed to the public to volunteer information to the police to arrest them.

Mr Amuni said some of the vehicles belonging to the Tamale Teaching Hospital had been abandoned and had been taken to the hospital.

He Amuni said all the attacks of the foot soldiers were under investigation and the culprits would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Source: GNA

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