Lets place value on research work – Educationist

Research works, a critical component for rapid socio-economic development has over the years been neglected in Ghana, Mr. David Sono, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Ghana Education Service has said.

He noted in an interview with the Ghana News Agency that unlike the western world where research works were valued and used as the basis of every human activities, it was not so in Ghana in particular and Africa in general.

Mr. Sono added, “Go to the universities and other tertiary institutions and you will see that research works are packed on library shelves just to gather dust”.

Mr. Sono noted that the situation had even led to a regime where students failed to do proper research on contemporary topics, but rather “prefer to go to the library to plagiarize research works of predecessors which often go unnoticed”.

He said research works in the Western world were being computerized. “Now we have an internet research library where all information could be easily accessed by the click of a bottom but the situation is different in Ghana.”

Mr. Sono therefore called on education authorities to partner research institutions and agencies in order to make good use of such valuable assets.

Source: GNA

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