Frafra Islamic Foundation seek police protection for land

The Frafra Islamic Foundation has appealed to the Police for protection of their land at Oshuiman near Nsakena in the Ga District from trespassers.

In a letter to the Commander of the Police at Amassaman, the Foundation said it acquired 53 acres or 181 plots from Nii Odartei III of Nsakena and Nii Aban Otoo of Oshuiman about 12 years ago.

The Foundation said the layout of the land comprised residential buildings being inhabited by its members, a school, a mosque and an open space meant for a market complex among other facilities.

It noted that a few days ago someone who described herself as the Queen Mother of the Abbeyman family alleged that she owned the land.

The Foundation said the said Queen Mother had allowed a purchaser identified only as “Soldier” to start foundation works on part of the Foundation’s property to build a house.

It said members of the Foundation stopped the developer from building on the land but the Queen Mother is determined to trespass further.

The Foundation stressed the need for Police protection to curtail further trespassing pending a court action the association intends to take to enforce its rights.

Source: GNA

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