Seven ‘Se Menhyia’ preparations are dangerous – FDB

The Foods and Drugs Board (FDB) has warned the public not to patronise seven herbal preparations of Se Manhyia Herbal Centre located off Obuom Road at Kasoa in the Central Region because they are dangerous.

The preparations are: Sem Herbal Mixture; Sem Press Mixture; Sem Women care; Sem Diabe; Sem Fibro Mixture; Sem Assme Mixture and Sem Ex. Man Bitters.

A release, James Agyenim-Boateng, Deputy Minister of Information, signed on Sunday said when the products were subjected to laboratory analysis they were found to be unwholesome due to unacceptably high levels of yeast and moulds contamination.

“There should be no yeast or moulds at all. These unacceptable high levels of microbial contamination could cause very serious health hazards and could lead to life-threatening infections including Phycomycosis, Aspergillosis, Systemic Candidiasis and other yeast infections.

“Systemic Candidiasis can lead to Endocardiatis (infection in the heart), Severe Osteomylytis (bone infection), Kidney problems and other systemic infections, all of which can lead to death”, the statement said.

Mr Agyenim-Boateng, however, said two preparations – Sem Tonic and Sem Koo Bitters – were found to be wholesome when they were taken through the registration processes they were found to be acceptable so they have been registered and given approval.

The FDB in August 2010 ordered the immediate suspension of herbal medicine production activities at the facilities of SE MENHYIA HERBAL CENTRE since the facility had not been licensed by FDB as required by the Food and Drugs Law.

“As at August 2010, 24) different herbal products that were being used on patients at the Se Menhyia Herbal Clinic had not been certified by the Food and Drugs Board in accordance with the Food and Drugs Law, PNDC Law 305B and therefore their quality, safety and efficacy could not be guaranteed.

“The FDB directed further that until the products are duly tested and approved, they should not be offered for treatment since the safety, efficacy and quality cannot be guaranteed.

“Accordingly the needed regulatory sanctions were applied to Se Menhyia Herbal Centre and further directed to bring their products into compliance (for testing and registration)”, the statement said.

Source: GNA

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