Teachers update knowledge on environmental sanitation

Nkoranza South District Directorate of Education has organised a two-day capacity building workshop to update the knowledge of about 100 school-based health teachers on the importance of environmental sanitation waste management and safe drinking water.

In an address read on her behalf, Madam Philippa Banson, District Director of Education, stressed the need for teachers to ensure that school surroundings were always kept clean to prevent the students from contracting communicable diseases.

She said a “sound mind is always found in a healthy body” and urged teachers to educate parents to take good care of their children to facilitate their academic performance.

The district director asked the participants to adhere to personal hygienic practices and to appear decent in their dressing for their students to emulate them.

Madam Banson called for the regular inspection of children’s bodies and uniforms to ensure neatness.

She called on health teachers to promote clean up exercises in schools and in their communities to inculcate into the children the habit of volunteerism so that they would grow up to contribute to the development of their localities.

Mr Kwasi Djan, District Co-ordinator of School Health Education Programme (SHEP), appealed to school management committees to ensure the construction of toilets on campus to prevent students from trekking to town and into bushes to ease themselves.

He advised them to create refuse dumps in schools to check against indiscriminate refuse disposal by the students to avoid the outbreak of epidemics.

The SHEP co-ordinator called on the health teachers to monitor the activities of food vendors in their educational facilities to ensure that they prepared meals under required hygienic practices.

Mr Djan asked head teachers to make water containers available for students to wash their hands with soap.

The Nkoranza Circuit Supervisor, Mr Robert Benefo appealed head teachers to certify that their schools acquired necessary sanitary facilities that would enhance the good health of students.

Source: GNA

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