Ghana Army takes delivery of 107 peace-keeping vehicles at Tema Port

The Ghana Armed Forces on Tuesday took delivery of 107 Peace-Keeping vehicles from the Republic of Chad, at the Tema Harbour.

The equipment, made up of trucks, tankers, pick-ups and forklifts, formed part of the logistics used by the Ghanaian contingent whilst in Chad for peace-keeping operations.

Briefing the press at the Harbour, Naval Captain Kofi Anim, Director of Logistics at the Peace-Keeping Department of the Ghana Army, said the last contingent from Ghana returned home on December 2010.

Naval Captain Anim said the withdrawal of the troops from Chad became necessary when the Chadian government asked the United Nations to withdraw its contingent.

Following the civil war in Chad some years ago, the government had extended an invitation to the UN to send troops to help maintain peace and order in that land-locked country.

Source: GNA

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