Ghana’s dry weather condition to last for a month – Meteorologist

Ghana Meteorological Agency has predicted that the dry weather conditions being experienced in the country would last till the end of January.

The sudden prevalence of cold dry winds, which typify the harmattan season, is the result of changes in atmospheric systems, Torgbui Gbegbie Fiamekor I, Senior Forecaster and Deputy Officer at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Kotoka International Airport, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

He observed that although the country was experiencing the harmattan season, the effects of the season were mild because of some atmospheric conditions.

Torgbui Fiamekor said a global weather phenomenon- La Nina, had caused the sea to become relatively warmer than usual, and the resultant evaporation had led to cloud development and rainfall.

He said what was known in meteorological terms as the sub-tropical high pressure systems over North Africa, which steered cold air from the Mediterranean down to Ghana during the dry or harmattan season was very weak.

“With the combination of these two conditions, the country could not have a feel of the typical cold and dryness that characterised the harmattan season,” he said.

Torgbui Fiamekor said with the La Nina effects dwindling and the sub-tropical high pressure systems getting stronger, Ghana was now having the effects of a stronger harmattan season associated with a lot of cold and dryness.

Source: GNA

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