Transport Operators caution drivers to comply with new rates

The Road Transport Operators of Ghana, has announced an 18 per cent adjustment in transport fares, effective January 4, 2011.

A statement, issued on Saturday, January 8 and signed by Mr Matthew Hayford, Chairman of the Ghana Road Coordinating Council (GRCC) and Mr Sidik Alando, General Secretary of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, said “It has come to our notice that some drivers are not complying with the approved fares and we are appealing to the road transport operators, who are charging fares outside the approved fares to desist from that.

It said passengers must insist on the approved fares, and encouraged them to report any driver, who flouts this directive, to any of the Drivers’ Unions or the Police.

“All drivers should note that a monitoring team from the road transport operators will be on the road to check compliance with the approved transport fares”, it concluded.

Meanwhile, new transport fares announced last Tuesday by the Transport operators said there should not be any increase in tro-tro vehicles charging 10 pesewas and 15 pesewas, however, fares between 20 pesewas and 40 pesewas should increase by five pesewas.

Fares charged between 45 pesewas and 60 pesewas should increase it by 10 pesewas, those between 65 pesewas and 95 pesewas by 15 pesewas and  any fare above GH¢1.00 should be increased by 25 pesewas.

With regard to taxi fares, the statement said a distance up to 2.5 kilometres would be 45 pesewas,  5.5 kilometres is 60 pesewas and 9.5 kilometres should be GH¢1.00 and about 29.5 kilometres about GH¢2.70.

With inter-city (Long Distance), the increase is between 25 pesewas to 40 pesewas, therefore a fare of GH¢2.30 has been increased to GH¢2.70, GH¢5.00 to GH¢5.90, GH¢6.00 to GH¢7.10, GH¢7.00 to GH¢8.25.

Current fares of GH¢9.00 increased to GH¢10.60, GH¢10.00 to GH¢11.80, GH¢11.00 to GH¢13.00, GH¢15.00 to GH¢17.70, GH¢17.00 to GH¢20.05, GH¢20.20 to GH¢23.85, GH¢21.00 to GH¢24.80, GH¢26.00 to GH¢30.70.

Others are GH¢29.00 to GH¢34.20, GH¢30.00 to GH¢35.40, GH¢31.00 to GH¢36.60 and GH¢32.40 to GH¢38.25.

Source: GNA

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