I don’t think military intervention will bring peace to Ivory Coast – Mills

President John Atta Mills

President John Atta Mills says he does not believe that military intervention in the Ivorian crisis will bring peace to that country.

President Mills said this in a meeting with the Ghanaian media in Accra Friday January 7, 2011 to mark his second year in office.

According to President Mills a military intervention would not only create problems for Ivory Coast but also for Ghana.

He said he is concerned about the safety of the one million Ghanaians in Ivory Coast. He also made reference to the four Ghanaians that are being detained for suspicion of being mercenaries in that country.

In the president’s view, Ghana “must mind its own business.” Adding that Ghana has its own internal problems.

A political stand-off in Ivory Coast as a result of an election run-off dispute has left the country with two presidents. Incumbent Laurent Gbagbo and opposition leader Allasane Oauttara all claim victory, declaring themselves presidents.

The West Africa grouping ECOWAS had threatened the use of military force to remove Gbagbo from office, if he refuses to step down through peaceful means, and install Ouattara who the international community believe is the legitimate winner of the election run-off of November 28, 2010.

The tension has resulted in the killing of about 200 people and about 20,000 Ivorians have been forced into exile in Liberia.

Ouattara however, has been calling for military intervention to remove his opponent from the Presidential Palace.

The Gbagbo administration is facing international sanctions. The World Bank has suspended all aid to Ivory Coast, and economic sanctions have also been imposed on the government of Gbagbo. Members of his government also have travel bans imposed on them.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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