Ghana fingered in Australia massive identity fraud

Ghana has been cited as one of the countries which citizens are stealing the identities of Australians.

News out in the Australian media say the theft which is in a large scale involves spies, drug dealers, illegal immigrants and people engaged in dirty money.

The report say passport details of five people emailed to a travel agent for travel for people from Ghana has been found.

One report by the Herald Sun citing documents from the country’s Department of Foreign Affairs and trade says the illegal practice of forging passports of living Australians is widespread.

According to the report, a fake or doctored Australian passport has been found, on average, once a week in the past three years.

Fake passports were detected at ports in countries including Britain, Dubai, Ghana, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, and Peru, the report indicated.

According to the report some of the passports were in the hands of spies, people smugglers and thieves.

Australian passports were used in 525 frauds in the last financial year, and many people were caught lying to get a passport, it said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

  1. TT says

    Ghana fingered in Australia massive identity fraud, the reason our leaders have to create more jobs for the youth and not lining their pockets with nations money.

  2. Busha T says

    This is a lie and I can tell you Ghanaians are not into this shaddy business and I can bet you Interpol, FBI can investigate can verify this infomation as well as it source.

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