Dentist warns against intake of sugary foods

A Chief Dental Officer of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Constance Addo-Yobo, has cautioned Ghanaians especially children to be wary of intake of excessive sugary foods.

She said in Ghana eight out of 10 school children have tartar and gum diseases whilst two out of 10 have tooth decay as a result of high consumption of sugars.

Dr. Addo-Yobo told the GNA that some parents would like to provide their children with sugary foods during the Christmas and New Year festivities and this would not augur well for their oral health.

Dr. Addo-Yobo said oral health was a determinant factor for the quality of life adding that, poor oral health could have a profound effect on the individual.

“The expense of pain, endurance of dental abuses, problems with eating and chewing as well as embarrassment about missing, discoloured or damaged teeth can adversely affect people’s daily lives” she said.

She said poor oral hygiene and gum diseases were rampant particularly among children resulting in bad breath that causes psychological embarrassment.

“Oral diseases are largely caused by life style behavior. General risk factors such as excessive alcohol intake, smoking and poor dietary practices also affect oral health”, Dr. Addo-Yobo said.

Source: GNA

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