PNC set in reverse gear – Apasara

Mr David Apasara, National Treasurer of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) on Monday said the party was “set in retrogressive gear”, and called for a new leadership direction to transform the body.

“PNC needs new crop of dynamic leaders to bring vitality, transformation and inject modern political administration into our party’s operations to attract most especially the youth,” Mr Apasara told the Ghana News Agency in Accra in an interview.

He alleged that the party’s four time flag bearer, Dr Edward N. Mahama, had failed the party, as statistics indicated that his fortune in elections since 2000 was on the decline.

The statistics revealed that in Elections 2000, Dr Mahama obtained 189,659 of the total valid votes of 6,500,870 representing only 2.9 per cent, and won only three parliamentary seats.

In Elections 2004, the number was reduced to 165,375 out of the total valid vote of 8,625,785 representing 1.9 per cent but the party managed to win four parliamentary seats.

In Elections 2008, Dr Mahama’s vote again reduced to only 73,494 votes out of total valid vote of 8,465,834 representing 0.9 per cent while the party clenched only two seats in Parliament.

Mr Apasara said in view of the poor performance of the party under the leadership of Dr Mahama, “We need new breed of leaders and flag bearer to revitalise the party as a third force in Ghana’s politics and moved it forward”.

The PNC National Treasurer called for electoral reforms within the party including an early Congress to elect the party’s constituency, regional and national officers whose mandate would overlap national elections.

On possible fifth term Presidential bid by Dr Mahama in Election 2012, Mr Apasara, who is an associate of the pressure group “PNC Committed Group”, said the former flagbearer had officially informed the National Executive Committee of the party that he would not contest the position again.

“We trust Dr Mahama would not renege on his word to the highest body of the party, which have paved the way for the party to look for a fresh face to lead it into Election 2012,” he stressed.

Mr Apasara said: “As a Co-chairman of the party’s fund raising committing I believe we can mobilise the needed funds and material resources to organise an early congress… If we have the support of all leaders we can raise the funds.”

Source: GNA

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