Name “Job 600” building after Justice D.F. Annan – Minority Leader

Parliament on Wednesday rose with a call to name the famous “Job 600” building after the late Justice Daniel Francis Annan, First Speaker of the Fourth Republican Parliament.

Mr Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the Minority Leader, who made the suggestion, further called for the new administrative block of Parliament to be named also after Mr Peter Ala Adjetey, Second Speaker of the Fourth Republic.

“To give credit where it is due I believe Parliament must express gratitude to Right Honourable Peter Ala Adjetey, for mooting this idea and starting it in earnest.

“It is my hope that we may find it befitting to name the structure after Ala Adjetey.

“I trust that work on the “Job 600” (an eleventh-storey) will be completed on schedule to enable all members to have offices,” he said and added “the effort to provide offices to members began at the time of Justice Annan.

“It is also important to recognise that it was the almost singular enterprise of Justice Annan against many daunting odds, which redirected the movement of the country back onto the path of parliamentary democracy in 1993,” he said.

Mr Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu chronicled many events that took place within the second session of the Fifth Parliament notably, the budget statement, the visit of Paul Boateng, member of the House of Lords and the decision to use the oil revenue as collateral for borrowing.

On the budget, he said, “One common observation was the existence of disparities or confusions in the various allocations to the various activities as well as some departments within particular ministries,” he said.

“His Excellency the President has declared 2011 as the year of action, but pursuing the budget, one could not discover any sector where allocations are sufficient doses to stimulate growth,” he said.

He said perhaps the supplementary budget, which was said to come would address these concerns.

“If before a budget could be approved the nation is being told to expect a supplementary budget early next year then it is an open admission of failure,” he said.

Mr Cletus Apul Avoka, Majority Leader, said for the first time almost all the draft budget estimates for the respective ministries, departments and agencies of the central government, were discussed within the precinct of Parliament.

He said, he was impressed about the enthusiasm of members though heavy was the work load on them, especially the two important bills that sought to provide a more robust legal framework for the management and utilisation of the new found petroleum resources.

“I am highly impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of members during the process.

“This gives me the assurance that this House will ultimate come up with a legal regime for oil resource governance that will meet the aspirations of the people we represent,” he said.

He thanked the Speaker, Justice Bamford–Addo for being a good referee, adding “we commend you for the able manner in which you steered the affairs of the House.

Justice Bamford-Addo thanked all members for their commitment to parliamentary work.

She also thanked the press for good work done in reporting parliamentary proceedings.

She wished all members and all Ghanaians happy Christmas a prosperous new year.

Source: GNA

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