Hopsital where Chinese employers’ dogs mauled Ghanaian flesh commissioned by Vice President

Andreas - In hospital after the attack.

Vice President John Dramani Mahama commissioned the $7.28 billion Teshie General Hospital yesterday without knowing that the Chinese who constructed the hospital sacrificed the flesh of several Ghanaians to their dogs during the construction.

The Chinese company, CGC, hired the services of a number of Ghanaians, and during the construction, their two wild and vicious dogs had a field day feeding on the flesh of the Ghanaian workers.

Administrator of the project and spokesperson for the Chinese, Joshua Bosomtwe admitted to Adom News that the dogs fed on the flesh of not less than four workers, including him.

The most recent attack was on one of the security guards, 61-year old ex-service man Andreas Klutse, who suffered at the jaws of the two vicious dogs in the full glare of one of the Chinese project managers called Tobacco.

Andreas told Adom News that when the dogs attacked him, Tobacco was exercising close by and looked on as the dogs tore his flesh into pieces.

He sustained lacerations, abrasive and de-gloving wounds from head to toe.

Andreas said the dogs chewed him until portions of his flesh fell on the floor before Tobacco called the dogs back, adding that Tobacco refused to convey him to the hospital in an office vehicle but rather gave a colleague worker money to board taxi for the hospital.

Andreas was first taken to La General Hospital and was transferred to 37 Military Hospital the following day.

Official hospital report from the 37 Military Hospital, signed by Dr Gyapong confirmed that when Andreas was brought to the hospital, he had lacerations and abrasive wounds from head to toe, and also had de-gloving wounds (bare bones) on his arms and legs.

Whiles Andreas was in the hospital, the Chinese neglected him until Adom News started reporting about the attack and the negligence.

The matter was reported to the Kpeshie Police and they took statements from Andreas and Tobacco but have since done nothing about the case.

The doctor’s report indicates that due to the attack, Andreas has lost 20 per cent of his human functional capacity.

Currently, one of Andreas’s arms is hanging on a string around his neck, after one month of admission in the hospital, during which he spent a total of GH¢1,400 of his own money for medical bills.

Andreas’ lawyer wrote to the company and asked for an amount of GH¢50,000 as compensation for Andreas, which is equivalent to the 20 per cent functional loss, but the management of the Chinese company added insult to injury by asking to pay only GH¢5,000 for the damage they have done to Andreas.

Meanwhile, the vicious dogs have died under very mysterious circumstances and the Chinese say the dogs died from heart failure and other killer diseases which they had not been immunized against.

Some of the workers also told Adom News that whiles the project was underway, the Ministers of Defense, of Health and of Employment and Social Welfare visited the site at different times, and one of them was also attacked by the dogs.

Unconfirmed reports say when that minister was attacked, the Chinese compensated him with GH¢20,000 and one 4×4 car, but they gave peanuts to workers who were attacked by the dogs.

One worker who suffered at the jaws of the dogs was given only GH¢60 for his medical bills and now they want to give Andreas GH¢5,000 because his case went public.

In the meantime, the same Chinese company is undertaking another hospital project at Aveyime in the Volta Region.

By Samuel Dowuona

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