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PNC Committed Group to revitalise party for Election 2012

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The Committed Group of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) a political pressure group at the weekend announced plans to revitalise the party for Election 2012.

The group who described themselves as committed and dedicated Nkrumaists, said the PNC, which was an offshoot of the defunct Peoples National Party was the most viable option to all the variants since the overthrow of the Limann Administration on December 31, 1981.

Dr Somtim Tobigo, Spokesman of the group told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Bolgatanga that: “We believe that patriotism is lost and governance has been reduced to machinations, intrigues and at times lies.

“We look upon to Nkrumah/Limann as the foremost patriots and we stretch our arms to all Ghanaians especially the youth and women to join us in our genuine quest for true political and economic freedom and justice.”

Dr Somtim Tobiga said the Committed Groups sought to bring dynamism into the party as the Ghanaian political landscape necessitates a viable third force to balance the political antagonism between the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party.

“We need a third force to constantly torment the two political forces to adhere to the tenets of democratic governance, focus on human centred policies and speak for the ordinary people of this country.

“Unfortunately the current structures of the minority political parties are weak to play that vital role in our political dynamism, hence the urgent need to revitalize PNC to balance the power base in the country.”

Dr Tobiga former PNC National Treasurer also expressed concern about developments in the party that seemed to undermine internal cohesion and progress and urged the Council of Elders to step in and find an amicable settlement.

“The state of the party now requires the fullest co-operation of all members and the rank and file.”

Dr Tobiga said the actions of members of the PNC must serve to promote unity and peace and not create disharmony.

He called for an interim executive to be put in place to supervise the re-organisation of the party.

He said the current leadership had demonstrated their inability to lead the party to achieve the objective they themselves had loudly and proudly championed.

“We have observed with deep concern and disappointment the situation of lack of effective organisation and common purpose in the PNC.

“The fact of the matter is that there is a leadership crisis within the party, which has led to the party achieving disastrous result in national elections.”

Dr Tobiga a legal practitioner said: “Within the coming weeks, we will organise a press conference to roll-out a strategic plan for the revitalisation of the party.”

Source: GNA

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