PNC at a crossroad – Dr Tobiga

Dr Somtim Tobiga, a leading member of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), said on Saturday that the party is at the  crossroad and has called for concerted efforts to rejuvenate the party to make it vibrant and more marketable.

He called on party members to unite and fine-tune their strategies to expand and capture more youth to ensure improved performance in Elections 2012.

He further called on all true Nkrumaists to come back to their roots to help to build a strong party that would once again answer to the cries of the masses.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Dr Tobiga former PNC National Treasurer said the rejuvenation of the PNC was important for its success in Election 2012 and called for early congress.

He noted that far from being dead as many people thought, the PNC would launch a rejuvenation drive across the country which would lead to an early constituency, regional and national congress to elect a new and more dynamic crop of leaders to direct its affairs.

“Lets wake-up, the nation and the rank and file of our party are crying for a PNC-led government in 2011. We cannot fail the Macedonia cry of Ghanaians at this crucial moment of the country’s democratic dispensation.

“But the wishes of our people would be a mirage if the current leadership continues to manage the party with obsolete ideas till congress in the latter part of next year,” he said.

He stressed the need for dynamic and dedicated leaders at the constituency, regional to the national levels to take over the party.

Dr Tobiga also called on members of the party to educate themselves on the ideology of “Nkrumaism’ to enable them to explain the party’s vision to the electorate for them to give their mandate to the PNC in Election 2012.

Dr Tobiga who is also a leading member of the PNC Committed Group, called on members of the Party to disabuse their minds of the perception that the movement sought to derail the political agenda of the party.

He said members of the movement were committed to the building of a strong and united PNC capable of winning elections.

“The most essential prerequisite to the winning of the elections, however, is to rebuild party structures to make them functional. That is what the PNC Committed Group stands for,” he said.

Source: GNA

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