IEA organises workshop on constitutional review process

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on Thursday organised a day’s workshop with the United Nations Democracy Fund in Kumasi to help deepen public understanding of the constitutional review process.

Traditional rulers, political party activists, journalists, civil society groups and representatives of other identifiable groups participated in the workshop.

It was held on the theme: “Giving voice to the voiceless in constitutional review process.”

Dr J.K Kwakye, Senior Fellow of the IAE, said serious shortcomings had been identified in the 1992 Constitution after more than 17 years of its existence.

He said the superimposition of a partisan central government structure on a non- partisan local government system, for example had given cause for concern, which needed to be addressed.

Dr Kwakye said other key areas of the constitution such as the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and chieftaincy issues also required re-evaluation to make them more functional.

He said IEA was undertaking research and advocacy on certain provisions of the constitution that required critical examination.

Dr Kwakye said the workshop was meant to provide a platform for the grassroots, as well as the vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society to make their views and sentiments heard.

The participants endorsed the present arrangement under which the President serves a maximum of eight years in office.

They, however, want members of parliament to serve for not more than two terms.

On the appointment of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chiefs Executives, they recommended that they should be elected so that they would become more accountable to the people.

Nana Darko Montwi II, Paramount Chief of Mabang, appealed to the government to resource the Chieftaincy institution to enable chiefs to initiate more development programmes to enhance the living conditions of their people.

Source: GNA

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