Ministry introduces new varieties of cassava

Cassava - a staple food in Ghana

The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has introduced three new varieties of cassava that yielded between 43-49 tons per hectare as compared to the local varieties that yield between 10-15 tones per hectare.

They are Bankehema, Akabon, suitable for fufu, gari and cassava dough and starch and Esam Bankye also good gari, agblema and starch.

The Effutu Municipal Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Mr Geshon Wordzria, said this at the 26th Farmers’ Day celebration of the Effutu Municipality at Effutu Gyahadze.

He said the Ministry had asked the farmers to contact offices of the Ministry to collect the new varieties for cultivation.

Mr Wordzria said this year farmers cropped 2,950 hectares of maize that yielded 5,467 metric tones and represent about 10 percent increase over last year’s production.

For cassava, the estimated total acreage cultivated for this is 3,340 hectares and is expected to yield 43,854 metric tones and represents 5 percent increase over last year’s production.

Mrs Celestine Bekyana Tengan was adjudged the best district Farmer and was given a television set, Knapsack sprayers, wax print, radio cassette player and a pair of Wellington boots.

Fifteen other farmers and a staff of the Ministry received awards.

Source: GNA

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