Indian government said to demand BlackBerry access from companies

The Indian government is talking to companies using Research in Motion’s’s BlackBerry to gain access to their employees’ secure communications when it is deemed necessary, an official told the Wall Street Journal.

Home Secretary G.K. Pillai also said reports that BlackBerry could be blocked if the government’s security concerns over the device were not met by the end of January were overblown, according to the paper.

January 31 was “more of a target date,” Pillai said.

“We’re trying to find solutions where everybody’s interests are in one sense protected,” Pillai said. “It’s going to take a little time, because it’s a new technology.”

The company has already provided a solution for the BlackBerry Messenger chat service that would be in place by the end of January, Pillai said.

India had threatened to shut off RIM’s encrypted email and instant messaging services unless it gains access to them, in a campaign driven by fears that unmonitored communication puts the country’s security at risk.

RIM says it is confident India’s security concerns could be resolved to its and the government’s mutual satisfaction.
Source: Reuters

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