Importers and dealers in used clothing want extension of ban date

Importers and dealers in used clothing in the Kumasi Metropolis have appealed to the government to push back the implementation of the ban on imported underwear for at least six months.

They want the ban implementation date shifted from February to August next year.

This, they said, would give them space to clear and dispose of orders they had placed with their suppliers. Some of them claimed their goods were on the high seas.

Numbering over 500, they made the plea at a joint meeting with the Ghana Standards Board (GSB) and the Trade and Industry Ministry in Kumasi on Tuesday.

The meeting sought to inform and educate them on the law banning the importation of used items like brassieres, panties, briefs, handkerchiefs, towels, mattresses, sinks, water closets, toilet bowls and bathtubs.

Mr Kwame Ntim Donkoh, acting Director, Trade Facilitation, Ministry of Trade and Industry, said there was no basis for the traders to fear that the importation of all used clothing would be outlawed.

Mr Kofi Nagetey, Acting Director, Inspectorate Division, GSB, said it was totally unacceptable for them to import second-hand underwear, which they clearly knew had been outlawed, years back.

Packing these together with used shirts, trousers and jackets to avoid detection had gone on for far too long and it was time decisive action was taken to ensure compliance.

This was in the overall interest of the nation to stop disease infections.

Mr Kofi Amponsah Bediako, Public Relations Director, GSB, said it was important they all respected the ban.

Source: GNA

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  1. Busha T says

    No extension regarding the ban and it a shame Ghana is still importing used clothes. This continues to damper the local clothing industries as well as low patronage to clothing industry.

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