Ghanaians urged to make oil discovery a blessing

Alhaji Issahaque Salia, Upper West Regional Minister, has appealed to Ghanaians to be collectively committed to make the oil discovery a blessing for all.

He urged Ghanaians to put their minds to a task as a people, and eschew petty partisanship and endeavour to actualize a national vision on how to utilise the oil revenue.

Alhaji Salia was addressing a cross section of government workers, students and members of the private sector at the Jubilee First Oil Exhibition forum in Wa on Wednesday.

He was of the opinion that with commitment and continuation of policies premised on national interest rather than needless partisanship, the country would move up the ladder of sustainable development.

Alhaji Salia, therefore, called on Ghanaians to develop more interest in honouring their tax obligations, learn to become more productive and conscious in energy conservation as well as adopt regenerative life styles among other people to help to generate free resources to build on the new status of a middle income economy.

He said government on its part, would continue to support efforts in the direction of renewable energy and expand industries and businesses that had been tied to the economy over the years.

Alhaji Salia said he was hopeful that the oil and gas revenue would help to cushion Ghana’s economy, but advised that traditional sources of revenue from cocoa, tourism and other mineral resources should still be given more attention for the sustainability of the economy.

“Oil is an exhaustible resource, and it is important not to overly rely or tie our economy to it.”

“Similarly, this resource would bring in its wake challenges like dwindling donor budget support and other environmental concerns” Alhaji Salia advised and appealed to Ghanaians to brace themselves up for the challenges ahead.

Mr Kennedy Kingsley Noonoo, a Communications Officer at Tullow Ghana Limited appealed to Ghanaians to come onboard and participate actively in the oil industry to better their lots.

He called on students to show interest in their studies, especially in the sciences to enable them to take control in the management of the oil.

“Let us avoid the mistakes from the mining sector where Ghanaians relied on the expertise of foreigners to manage the sector”, he advised.

He said the exhibition was part of measures put in place to help educate the people about the opportunities abound in the oil industry so as to avoid the pitfalls some countries went through.

Naa Bob Loggah, Executive Director of Sunta-Nunta, an NGO, who chaired the forum, urged Ghanaians to manage their anxiety properly so that they would not run the country into confusion because of the oil discovery.

Source: GNA

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