Wa campus of UDS TEIN apologises to party leadership

The Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) branch of the Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has apologised to the party’s leadership for sending a representative to a workshop, organised by Greater Accra Regional branch of TEIN recently.

A statement issued and signed by Mr. Mohammed A Illyasu, President, and Mr. A. A. Zulka, Secretary of the UDS TEIN of NDC, explained that on November 7 this year, an invitation was extended to the various branches of TEIN of NDC including the Wa campus of the UDS by means of text message, to attend a workshop in Accra.

It said Mr. Illyasu received the message and in an attempt to support the Greater Accra Regional branch of TEIN, he did not conduct any thorough checks before representing the UDS branch of TEIN at the workshop.

The statement explained that Mr. Illyasu arrived for the workshop before he realised that he was misled and therefore, on behalf of Wa campus of UDS TEIN, NDC, wished to apologise to the President John Atta Mills and the National Executives of the NDC, for participating in the event.

It said: “We members of Wa campus of UDS TEIN, NDC, wish to state without any equivocation that we do not support what is happening in our party currently, so we condemn in no uncertain terms what happened on that day and wish to apologise to the leadership of our party for sending a representative at the said workshop.

“We want to use this opportunity to condemn those who try to instigate the youth against President Mills and the government. We consider this very appalling and exceedingly unacceptable”.

The statement said Wa campus of UDS TEIN, NDC, was not against the mobilisation of party members especially the educated youth wing of the party, to empower them but it did not support the way the workshop was organised.

It explained that “We had no intention of aligning to any of the so called factions in the NDC and we ask all other members of TEIN of NDC to respect the party’s structures and laid down rules, devoid of selfish interest.”

The statement appealed to NDC supporters to unite and support the government to enable it to achieve the “Better Ghana Agenda.

It noted that “the workshop was not meant to empower members of TEIN, NDC, as alleged but it was a platform to censure President Mill’s administration, an act identified to be detrimental and mischievous to the fortunes of the party in Election 2012”.

The group said comments, which seemed to create the impression that the NDC was divided and was not performing well, were bad signals for the party as no one would like to join a non-performing party.

The statement reminded NDC executives that none of them could win power on the ticket of the party in 2012 without campaigning on the legacy or good work of President Mills.

It, therefore, appealed to all NDC supporters to rally behind President Mills to enable him to deliver on the “Better Ghana Agenda”, to propel the party to victory in the 2012 Election.

The statement said: “Let us bear no grudge with anyone for expressing his or her candid opinion.”

It appealed to NDC leadership to take onboard genuine concerns expressed by party supporters to make victory certain for the party.

The statement said: “We want all executives of the NDC to be more polite in their language and tactically disciplined rather than creating leverage for the opposition to use as a tool to hit hard on the party during electioneering”.

The statement appealed to all NDC youth groups to refrain from acts that could create disunity in the party and asked all appointees to listen to the concerns of the youth to help reduce agitation and confusion.

The UDS branch of TEIN, NDC, pledged its support for President Mills, the government and NDC leadership adding: “we are solidly behind them and have confidence that President Mills’ administration would deliver on the “Better Ghana Agenda”.

Source: GNA

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