Government to protect relationship with philanthropists

Government will continue to protect its partnership with philanthropic institutions which are complementing its efforts at providing vital social needs of the citizenry.

This is because such support in the areas of water and sanitation, health and education help consolidate government’s ability to fulfill its social contract with the citizenry much faster.

Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister, gave the assurance at the commissioning of four solar powered bore-hole water systems and two public washing bays in the Tanyigbe-Atidze Community in the Ho Municipal Area on Saturday.

They were financed by Water for Humanity of the United States of America at a cost of 130,270.00 dollars.

Each of the systems with a capacity of 9,000 litres located within easy reach of the four clans in the community would save women and children the daily hustle of walking about half a mile to the Agbi Stream in the forest to fetch water for domestic use.

Mr Amenowode therefore advised the community to constitute a water and sanitation committee to consult with the people to agree on a token user-fee for maintenance of the facilities as a gesture of gratitude to its benefactors.

Mr Tony Martinelli, President of Water for Humanity, said the decision of his organisation to finance the project was borne out of interactions with some Ghanaians which showed that potable water supply was a major problem in Ghana with serious effects on public health and productivity.

Mr Martinelli commended his Ghanaian partners who helped in bringing the project to fruition and urged the community to ensure that the facilities were well maintained.

He said the project was a symbol of giving freely to those in need without counting the cost because giving has proved to be rewarding.

Mr Martinelli urged the community to take care of the facilities adding; “Water is not free. I will be disappointed if the installations fall into disrepair. I will be really disappointed if it happens”.

He emphasized that the facilities were for the entire community hence no individual or group must be allowed to exercise exclusive ownership over them.

Mr Martinelli, who was made the Development Chief, expressed his amazement at the colourful nature in which he was adorned.

“I am amazed by your culture, keep it forever,” he said.

Togbe Kwami Addrikpanya Agubretu V, Chief of Atidze, thanked the Martinelli Family for providing a vital social need in the community and appealed to it to consider providing similar facilities in the three remaining communities in the Tanyigbe Traditional Area including the Tanyigbe Senior High School.

He assured Mr Martinelli that the unity among his people would manifest in the management and use of the water supply systems and other future engagements with the community.

Togbe Agubretu was hopeful that the early completion of the access road to the community would enable many more people to come, discover and sample its natural beauty and serenity which had been preserved over the years.

Source: GNA

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