Ghana to produce bio-diesel to power VRA thermal plants

The Sunflower Oil and Bio-diesel Processing Plant in Tema, is to produce large quantity of bio-diesel to power thermal plants belonging to the Volta River Authority (VRA).

The venture is aimed at reducing the cost of electricity and carbon emission to mitigate climate change.

Mr Issa Sulemana, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tropical Agricultural Marketing and Consultancy Services (TRAGRIMACS), made this known to newsmen after leading them to inspect a 200- acre nucleus Sunflower farm at Gomoa Adzentem in the Central Region.

Representatives of the United Nation Development Programme, Forest Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Kumasi, Ghana Energy Commission and the World Bank accompanied the CEO.

He said Sunflower produced from the 5,000 acre- farm by out-growers from 25 districts in the country, would  be used in addition to those from TRAGRIMACS to feed the factory.

Mr Sulemana said the total yield expected is 2,400 metric tonnes of Sunflower grains, which would be used to feed the plant.

The crude Sunflower bio-diesel produced from the grains would also be utilised for the aviation industry, manufacturing of oil paints and other industrial purpose.

Mr Sulemana said the VRA had placed orders for large quantity of the bio-diesel.

He said the Sunflower farm at Gomoa Adzentem is integrated with Apiculture (beekeeping) to help in pollination and seed setting to increase Sunflower yield and provide additional revenue from beehive products such honey wax and propolins.

Source: GNA

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