Ghana Employers call for action against fake products

The Ghana Employers Association has appealed to the government to take firm measures to check the influx of fake and poor quality products on the market.

Mr George Aboagye-Atta, a member of the Association, said more needed to be done to ensure consumer protection and safety.

He said the Customs Exercise and Preventive Services, the Association Ghana of Industries, Food and Drugs Board, the Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the security agencies must get their act together to tackle the unhealthy situation.

Mr Aboagye-Atta was speaking at a day’s workshop organized by the Coalition against Counterfeit and Illicit Trade (CACIT), Ghana, in Kumasi.

The participants included industrialists, the media, security agencies, musicians and members of the general public. It was held under the theme “Say no to fake goods, insist on the original.”

Mr Aboagye-Atta said drugs, food and beverages, soaps and detergents, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks and textiles all had brand imitation and fake ones.

He said it was important the Trade and Industry Ministry stepped up the education of consumers and the public about the adverse effects of counterfeit goods on businesses and the health of the economy.

Mr John Asem Benson, the Chief Executive Officer of CACIT, Ghana, said the objective of the workshop was to increase the consistency and effectiveness of intellectual property protection and promote a more progressive approach to tackle the problem.

During the open forum, contributors identified corruption as one of the major factors fuelling the illegal trade practice.

Source: GNA

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