Agriculture is backbone of “Better Ghana Agenda – Veep

Vice President John Mahama

Vice President John Dramani Mahama, on Saturday said, government would use agriculture as the foundation stone, for the attainment of the “Better Ghana Agenda.”

“This, government will do, by making maximum use of the mechanization scheme we are rolling out, to sell tractors and other implements to individuals and group farmers throughout the country, to increase their output.”

Vice President Mahama said under the mechanization scheme, 110 tractors, which were expected in the country this month, would be subsidized and sold on hire purchase to farmers, and urged those who may not be able to purchase as individuals, to form cooperatives to enable them to enjoy 30 percent government subsidy.

The Vice President made this known at Akrofu, in the Volta region, during the celebration of the SASADU festival, among the people of Sovie, Alavanyo, Saviefe and Akrofu.

The name SASADU, an acronym for Sovie, Alavanyo, Saviefe, Akrofu Development Union is a symbol of peace and unity among the four traditional areas, who trace their origin to the same traditional ancestors.

The festival aims at fostering socio-cultural progress, encourage educational and self-help activities and cooperation, relating to the welfare and development of their area among others.

The Vice President said the government had established a food buffer stock, with an amount of GH₵50 million and encouraged the farmers to step up their activities in rice and other cereal production, to enhance the country’s chances of becoming, not only self-sufficient in food production, but also a major food exporter to other parts of the world.

The Vice President told the people of the Volta region that President Mills would fulfil his promise of providing them with a University before the end of his first four year term and urged them to continue working hard to brighten the chances of the party in subsequent elections.

Mr William Segbedeku, General Secretary of SASADU, said the Union had established an arbitration committee, to ensure peaceful co-existence of the people of the four traditional areas.

He warned against conflicts in the traditional areas, adding that, “such troubles will do nothing but rather retard our orderly progress.”

Mr Joseph Amenowode, Volta Regional Minister, called on the people of the four traditional areas to resolve all chieftaincy disputes, to pave way for its rapid socio-economic development.

Source: GNA

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