Radio discussions said to be feeding armed robbers with crucial information

The media, particularly Radio stations, have been urged to be circumspect when discussing armed robbery cases on air.

Armed robbers tune in to radio stations for free information to elude police and military patrol teams and to rob passengers.

Mr. Zack Moro, Chairman of the Techiman Municipal Concerned Youth Association, told a press conference in Techiman that the robbers continued to elude the security services due to some programmes on FM radio stations.

He explained that armed robbery cases used as issues for panel discussions did not augur well for national security since they rather encouraged the armed robbers to become more elusive.

Mr. Moro asked FM radio stations to rather feed the security services with information on robbery and to desist from circulating information that could make the robbers skip arrest.

Most robbers escape from cells and prisons due to the information they gather from the FM radio stations, he added.

He commended the government and the security services for their efforts in providing security and protection to the people and urged the public not to be perturbed but to continue to help the government to implement policies and programmes for accelerated development.

Mr. Moro, however, appealed to the National Media Commission, Ministry of Information as well as the Ministry of the Interior to guide private radio stations on use of information on sensitive security matters.

Source: GNA

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