Sachet water producers not happy with government’s intention

The Western Regional Association of sachet and packaged water producers, on Tuesday expressed reservations about government’s intention to stop sachet water producers from using Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) treated water.

At a press conference at Takoradi on Tuesday, Major Rex Nuamah (retired), Regional Chairman of the Association, said the ban would endanger the health of consumers especially the large number of rural dwellers, who did not have access to potable water from GWCL distribution lines.

He said sachet water producers were not well equipped and resourced to treat raw water to the World Health Organization (WHO) acceptable standards and the possibility of contamination could not be ruled out.

Major Nuamah said not all sachet water producers would have access to raw water from dams and it would be difficult to monitor to ensure that raw water used for sachet water was not contaminated.

He said there was also the likelihood of cost per unit volume of sachet water to increase beyond the means of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Major Nuamah said the GWCL claims that greater percentage of water is transported by sachet water producers to other regions in the country and to Togo, thus creating shortages locally, was untenable.

“By the trade liberization arrangement, other countries such as Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa also export packaged water and sell to some supermarkets in the country”, he said.

“The Government is obliged, as a social responsibility, to provide treated, good quality and healthy standard water for the citizens and there is enough water in the country”, Major Nuamah said.

He said the sachet water industry had become very valuable contributor of job creation and economic sustenance, encouraged and enhanced the entrepreneurial spirit in Ghanaians as well as helped to reduce cholera, diarrhea, guinea worm and other water borne diseases.

Source: GNA

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