Mobile phone retailers begin action for quality service delivery

Mobile phone dealers say they have begun a project aimed at “breaking the barrier of consumer ignorance” which has led to deceptive business practices in the telecommunications industry.

The project, which commenced last May, involves a host of activities, including public education, research, multi stakeholders’ consultative forum, media campaign and dialogue. It is expected to be completed in February 2011.

The Association of Independent Mobile Phone and Credit Dealers (ASIMODE) said in a statement on Friday signed by its president, Nii Adjetey Sowah, that their action, which was targeting the whole country, was gathering momentum “as measurable results have started unfolding”.

It said this was part of efforts to achieve its objective through a comprehensive strategy of advocacy, awareness building, monitoring and organizational development.

It said it was implementing the advocacy action to compel the telecommunication service providers to improve on service delivery to mobile subscribers.

The advocacy is under the theme, “Ensuring High Quality of Service Standards in the Telecommunications Industry.”

ASIMODE said the initiative was the first in a series of campaign strategies to create awareness among the wider spectrum of Ghanaian mobile phone subscribers that the networks had “the ethical responsibility and important role as stewards for shareowners and all members of society alike, which allow them to exist based on social contract”.

It said some of the identified key issues, after the introduction of the Electronic Communication Service Tax, popularly known as the “Mobile Talk Tax” (Act 775) in June 2008, included poor quality of service delivery, customer dissatisfaction and poor quality of scratch cards.

Others are high call drop rates, rampant call set up and network congestions, numerous complaints with no appropriate responses from the regulated service providers and the prevalence of unethical business practices.

“At the end of the project, ASIMODE expects a considerable reduction in tariffs, promotion of responsible business practices (and) provision of value benefits for stake owners.”

It also expects high quality of service delivery and strict enforcement of consumer protection law which must encompass minimum standards, universal service obligation and customer service guarantee.

ASIMODE said it further expected the establishment of a consumer forum to prepare industry codes to lessen confusion in the country, adding that the NCA, being the regulator, would then be strengthened to effectively discharge on its mandate.

ASIMODE is a membership-based advocacy organization which provides a stronger political voice to those working in the micro, small and medium size entities engaged in legal business activities in mobile retailing of the telecommunication industry.

Source: GNA

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