Obama Administration would not abandon Africa – US Official

President Barack Obama

Mr William J. Burns, US Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs on Wednesday said the Barrack Obama Administration in the United States would not abandon aid to Africa.

He said, “Rather the US under the Obama Presidency would continue to extend the necessary support for the continent’s development.”

He said Africa’s future was very important to the United States and that it would work harder than before to ensure that the Continent’s problems of poverty, disease and hunger were solved.

Mr Burns gave the assurance on Wednesday in Washington DC, when he addressed 150 participants of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) for Journalists in Washington DC, USA.

The three-week Edward R. Murrow programme for Journalists brought together emerging leaders in the field of journalism from around the world to examine Journalistic practices in the United States.

Mr Burns was responding to a question posed by the media personnel who claimed that the Bush Administration had performed better in terms of aid to Africa than the current Obama Administration.

He said the United States had voted $63 Billion to fight disease globally and that Africa was benefiting from the fund, indicating that Obama’s Administration would continue with all good policies of the former government.

“When Obama visited Ghana in West Africa, he pledged US support for Africa’s development and called for the building of stronger institutions and I believe Africa would continue to receive the necessary US support for development,” he assured.

He said the World needed Africa to help address global warming, economic development and sustained economic growth for conflict resolution as well as fighting hunger and disease.

Mr Burns appealed to participants to take advantage of the US mid-term elections slated for Tuesday November 2, 2010 to learn more about American politics.

He said the election was very important to the Obama’s Administration because it was a referendum of the President’s two years in office and expressed the hope that at the end of the day Democrats would triumph.

He said the United States would continue to work with civil society groups globally to ensure free, fair and open elections across Africa for a sustained peace and development.

Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter, Director of policy planning in the US Department of State, said inequality in wealth creation and secret governance could not help in nation building and called on leaders to run open administrations.

She said the United States stood for National Security, prosperity for all, respect for universal values and international order and would always call for partnership in all endeavours.

Source: GNA

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