Contractor “pulls gun” to demand his money from GNAT

A contractor, exasperated by the refusal of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) to pay him for work on its conference hall complex, allegedly pulled a gun on officials to demand payment.

Bless Yao Agbavor, 36, was alleged to have taken the GNAT accountant and other staff hostage for about 45 minutes.

During a lull in the drama, a staff managed to get to the police who arrived to find Agbavor ensconced in his red pickup.

He sped off when the police approached and in the ensuing chase crashed into a tree at the outskirts of Ho.

Agbavor was picked up by the police unhurt and is in custody but no gun was found on him.

In his caution statement, Agbavor denied carrying a gun and told the Police that the GNAT owed him GH₵12,000.00 and had refused to pay for the past year and over.

He alleged that some top officials of GNAT in Ho took “kick back” from him, promising to expedite action on the payment but to no avail.

Mr Raymond Golly, the frightened Accountant who was allegedly held hostage by Agbavor told the GNA that GNAT indeed owed Mr Agbavor.

Narrating the incident, he said Agbavor rushed to his office mid-day reminding him (Golly) of the indebtedness to him (Agbavor).

He said Agbavor with his right hand in his pocket asked him (Golly) what would happen to him (Agbavor) if he should kill somebody at the premises and after that only go to jail.

Mr Golly alleged that Agbavor after walking helplessly in the room for a while pulled out his hand and corked the gun in his (Golly’s) presence, just then; a visitor entered compelling Agbavor to leave the room.

Police sources said Agbavor could be charged for threat of death.

Meanwhile, all attempts to reach Nana Asomaning Pobee, Volta Regional Secretary of GNAT for his comments were unsuccessful as his mobile phone was switched off.

Source: GNA

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