Ghanaian youth urged to lead fight against climate change

Dr. Francis Kofi Bib, President of the Ghana Environmental Watch and Advocacy, an environment NGO, on Tuesday urged the youth to actively involve themselves in the global fight against climate change.

He said the youth as future inhabitants of the earth, had a great stake in the climate change phenomenon, adding that educating the youth to fight against climate change was the key solution to the problem.

Dr. Bib was speaking at a workshop dubbed, “Faith, Climate Change and Photography” to arm the youth with information on climate change and inspire them to take action on climate change in their small ways.

He said industries burned fossil fuel, emitting carbon dioxide that remained in the atmosphere for scores of years adding that these everyday human activities had consequences on the environment because of deforestation, degradation of our coastal resources and loss of biodiversity.

Mr Bib urged members of the public to practise proper waste disposal and conserve the forests to mitigate the impact of global warming and climate change.

Mr Gideon Commey, Co-Director of Interfaith Ghana, urged the youth to join the worldwide movement seeking solutions in the midst of threats posed by global warming and climate change.

“The youth can do something to fight climate change. The voice of the youth is powerful because the future of the earth is in their hands,” he added.

The event was organised by Interfaith Ghana in partnership with British Council and Commonwealth Foundation.

It brought together participants from Presec, Osu, Labone SHS, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, National Youth Employment Programme, and two NGOs, Girls Empowerment Network and Self Initiative Support Services.

Interfaith Ghana is a non-profit organisation that focuses primarily on getting the different faiths in Ghana to integrate, interact and share knowledge by working together on social action projects to promote the community and national development agenda

Source: GNA

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