Ghana’s Bus Rapid Transport committee starts business

A nine-member Committee for Urban Road Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) chaired by Ms Josephine Manu, a legal officer at the Ministry of Roads and Highways, was inaugurated in Accra on Monday.

Mr Lanquaye Odarteye, Deputy Director of Urban Roods, said BRT would have the characteristics of a modern rail-based mass transportation system, with designated bus lanes, scheduled bus services, sheltered stations and comfortable large buses.

He said there would be a footbridge fitted with a lift facility at Kaneshie that would descend into the BRT station to help the physically challenged to and benefit from the service.

He said as part of the urban transport project, a central signal control system would be provided to improve traffic lights in the major cities.

Mr Odartey said the BRT system was in response to complaints by commuters at some major lorry stations serving Kasoa, Mallam, Kaneshie, Graphic Road and the Central Business District of difficulties in getting to their destinations due to inadequate vehicles on the routes.

There are also huge traffic jams that cause long delays.

He said the introduction of the new transport system would not eliminate the current players, such as private transport operators.

Source: GNA

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