Ghana’s mobile operators accused of improperly conducting SIM registration

A concerned group in Koforidua has expressed worry about the way and manner mobile telecom operators are conducting the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Cards registration in the Eastern Region.

They said the operators were not scrutinizing the identification cards of persons, which could defeat the essence of the exercise because it would be difficult to trace SIM Cards’ rightful owners.

The group told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Thursday that the caliber of persons hired by telecom operators for the exercise leaved much to be desired because some of them had little knowledge about its essence.

They were not satisfied with the level of importance attached to the exercise by the mobile operators saying some have adopted a strategy known as “buy and register” where their clients parade the streets and sell the SIM Cards and register them at the same time.

According to the group the hasty and loose manner in which the registration was being done would allow for abuse of the identification materials, especially in the region.

The group has therefore suggested to the National Communication Authority (NCA) to call the various telecommunication companies to order to ensure that the registration stayed on course.

They said the NCA should clearly spell out to the telecom companies the right procedure for the registration.

Source: GNA

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