Managements blamed for workers inability to grasp principle of SSSS

The apparent difficulties of public sector workers in appreciating the principle of tagging value of work to pay under the single spine salary structure is due to the weak human resource management capacities of their organizations.

Mr. Gordon Bodza, Volta Regional Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) of the Public Services Workers Union (PSWU), speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Tuesday, said the impression was that the job grading, functions and performance evaluation processes of these organizations were weak.

He said as a result, many of these organizations, took the initial job evaluation process as a-matter off-course, and were flippant with answers to questionnaires designed to be instructive, only to complain about being evaluated low when placed on the new salary structure.

Mr. Bodza said most managements did not heed the promptings of unions, and appointed people with weak capacities in incomes management to engage officers who worked on the single spine policy along the line.

He explained that there could be variations in salaries if a worker, with the same knowledge base moved from one position to another in the same organization.

Mr. Bodza said a teacher performing the duties of a clerk in the office should not expect to be paid professional allowance.

He appealed to managements to assign only people with integrity and a good understanding of the new pay policy to manage salaries at their outfits to avoid the passing on of wrong inputs and fraud.

Source: GNA

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