Ghana government to ensure 50% local content in oil sector

The Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Ms  Sherry Aryitey, on Thursday expressed government’s intention to  ensure “50 per cent local content” in the  oil and gas find.

She said there would be fair distribution of the gains of the oil industry in order for Ghanaians to have a feel of the benefits.

Ms. Aryitey was speaking at the launch of a documentary- “Bitter Sweet Oil”, in Accra.

She said several educational campaigns have been planned to ensure that people get a good understanding of all the processes that would have to do with the oil find, adding that the effective co-operation of the citizenry is needed to facilitate a good outcome.

Mr Ben Imoro, Chief Executive Officer of Media in Partnership for Development, producers of the documentary, said the rationale behind the film is to expose Ghanaians to the blessings and curses of the fledgling oil industry.

“The duty bearers of the find such as the Ministry of Energy should make sure that there is good management, whilst the oil companies must also ensure that they are fair with the people and communities they would be dealing with.”

He expressed the hope that through the drama, people would identify much easier with the roles they have to play in ensuring that there is peace and success in the country.

Mr Imoro said viewers of the documentary will learn several lessons which will ensure that “such costly lessons are not repeated in the real event”.

Source: GNA

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