What will Facebook reveal tomorrow?

We just got an invite to a press event at Facebook HQ this Wednesday. What will they reveal?

Could it be the oft-discussed but even more oft-denied Facebook phone? Let’s just quickly review the last word on that subject, from Mark Zuckerberg himself: “At the end of the day, when people say ‘building a phone’ they actually can mean very different things,” he told TechCrunch at the end of the FB Phone frenzy a few weeks back. So, what exactly did you mean, Mark?

And if it’s not a phone, what could it be? I am always waiting for Facebook to fire up a human-powered search engine. You can’t tell me 500 million copper tops filtering data day in and day out can’t be rendered into a very handsome Google killer.

TechCrunch makes a few additional guesses, including an iPad app, a beefed-up version of Places or an expansion of Google Credits to become a site-wide currency. My friend Avram at Laptop Magazine wonders if it could be the addition of video to Facebook’s chat platform.

These are all worthy possibilities, but it may just be Zuckerberg’s official rebuttal to “The Social Network.” You know he’s dying to clear the air.
Source: MSNBC

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